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phpFox Profile Panel Manager

phpFox Profile Panel Manager

Due to popular demand, we are pleased to announce the updated release of the Profile Panel Manager product from RAEL phpFoX Mods & Plugins. This phpFoX product allows the administrator to seperate custom fields into different panels on user profiles - so instead of having all your custom fields in the 'Basic Info' section, or in an individual block per field, you can easily separate it into multiple lists; for example 'Basic Info', 'Life Style', 'Appearence' etc and assign different custom fields to these sections.

Product Information:
Separate custom fields into different 'panels' on user profiles
Fully multi-language compatible
Only ONE core file edit!

Admin Features:
Add an unlimited number of custom panels
Easily assign custom fields to new panels through existing custom field interface
Control the positioning and location of the new panels via the standard Block Manager

User Features:
Seamlessly integrates into existing profile/custom field system
Support AJAX quick-edit to allow editing of fields within panels straight from user profile pages
Users can set privacy settings for the new panels via the standard 'Privacy Settings' section

Файлы - Files:

Скачать phpFox 3 Profile Panel Manager / DownLoad phpFox 3 Profile Panel Manager

Версия - Version: 0.2
Версия PF - Version PF: 3+

English Version ZIP: Скачать / Download


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