» » » SEF Offliner Plugin - Обратный Отсчет

SEF Offliner Plugin - Обратный Отсчет

SEF Offliner Plugin - Обратный Отсчет

SEF Offliner Plugin 3.00 - SEF Experimental Labs специально для SocEngine.Ru от Sandakelum

Данный плагин позволяет включать красивую страницу с таймером, перед открытием сайта, либо на время технических работ ;) Таймер показывает время, через которое ресурс будет доступен всем.

От автора:
You can get a Nice Java Script Powered Custom Offline Page with a Countdown Timer. You can Change the Logos and also the Theme used in this Custom Offline Page. It is 100% Customizable and Fully Intergrated to Social Engine Standard Admin Panel. Tested in Localhost and Live Host both and 100% Working. Unfotunately, You need to Edit Just 1 Line in a Template File. Installation Instruction below. For More Info, Read install.html in the ZIP File

* Powered by Powerful Java Script
* You can Edit the Offline Sentence in Admin Panel
* You can Set the Maintenance Started Time
* You can Set the Maintenance Stopping Time
* Java Script automatically Calculating Time Remained
* Showing Remain time to Web Site become Available Again to User
* User Friendly Interface
* 100% Customizable
* 100% Integrated to Social Engine Admin Panel
* Tested and 100% Working
* Support Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera
* 100% Free Plugin
* No License Required (Licensed under GNUPG)
* Easy to Install

Файлы- Files:

Скачать SocialEngine SEF Offliner Plugin / DownLoad SocialEngine SEF Offliner Plugin

Версия - Version: 3.00
Версия SE - Version SE: 3.15+

English Version RAR: Скачать / Download


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