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SEO / Sitemap optimizes phpFox social network for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO module allows site admins to customize titles, Meta keywords, Meta descriptions for most page contents in their social networks, this makes these contents be more SEO-friendly. In addition, this module also supports sitemap generation for all network contents which boosts site visibility in search engines.

Key Features
++ Allow site admin to control page title, Meta keywords, Meta description for each page
++ Allow site admin to set titles, keywords, descriptions for special link (support 12 default modules in phpFox)
++ Allow site admin to add meta tags to header of site
++ Allow standard sitemap to be submitted to any search engine

Back End
- Manage Module’s Content: For each module page, site admin can:
++ Customize page titles, Meta keywords, Meta descriptions
++ Allow/Disallow crawlers to access restricted contents
++ Put content titles (blog entry title, event title, etc.) to meta tags

- Global Settings
++ Add meta tags to header of site
++ Set time to auto generate sitemap file
++ Select default modules to generate sitemap file

- Manage SEO Pages
++ Allow to customize titles, Meta keywords, Meta descriptions for custom pages

- Sitemap can be generated for the following modules
++ Blog
++ Photo
++ Video
++ Forum
++ Poll
++ Pages
++ Quiz
++ Event
++ Music
++ Bulletin
++ Marketplace
++ Announcement

- Support the following modules’ content:
++ Blog Page
++ Blog Page Detail
++ Home Page
++ User Home Page
++ Home Page
++ Event Page
++ Event Page Detail
++ Forum Page
++ Friend List Page
++ Your Friend in Profile Page
++ Pages Page
++ Pages Page Detail
++ Invite Page
++ Compose Message Page
++ Message Page
++ Sentbox Message Page
++ Message Page
++ Marketplace Page
++ Marketplace Page Detail
++ Music Page
++ View Album Page
++ View Song Page
++ Music Page
++ Music Song Page Detail
++ Music Album Page Detail
++ Photo Album Page
++ Photo Battle Page
++ Photo Page
++ Photo Rating Page
++ Photo Page Detail
++ Poll Page
++ User Profile Page
++ User Profile Page
++ Quiz Page on User Profile
++ Quiz Page Detail
++ Request Page
++ RSS Page
++ Browse all User Page
++ User Privacy Page
++ Video Page
++ Video Page Detail

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