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Wall Plugin - Плагин Стена (Что Нового) с Видео

Wall Plugin - Плагин Стена (Что Нового) с Видео

Этот плагин позволяет пользователям иметь стены, как на Facebook. Это большой инструмент, который делает ваш сайт более интерактивным, ваши пользователи имеют одну точку доступа, чтобы получать новости и сообщения, обмениваться ссылками, загружать фотографии, музыку и видео.Плагин действительно мощный, удобный и полностью на AJAX.

This plugin allows your users to have Wall like on Facebook. It is a great tool which makes your site more interactive, your users have one point access to news feed and tools to post messages, share links, upload photos and music. Our team has made a great effort to create really powerful, user-friendly and fully ajax feature.

* Nice interface. Ajax based user-friendly interface. Everything is loaded via ajax: comments, "Likes", photo/music/links uploads!
* What's on your mind? Users can post messages to Wall so anyone can read and comment.
* Share links! It is much easier just to send links(funny video, useful article, etc) to Wall and anyone can comment and commend("like") it!
* Share Photos! Your users can share own photos so all friends can see and comment it. These photos can be viewed on Wall as a nice thumbnail and on a separate page in full size.
* Share Music! Your users can share music with friends, play via nice music player and all these things don't require any page reloads!
* Informative activity feed. Out of sight the modest icons from actions! Now you can see action owner thumbnail on each action.
* Comments. Users can comment on each others newsfeed action
* Like/Unlike. Let your users express consent on each others newsfeed action. It makes community much positive
* Hide action. If I don't want to read this newsfeed action, I won't! Let me hide it!
* Wall Snippet Code. Now wall can be shown not only in Profile page but also in any wished SocialEngine page by just putting Wall Snippet Code(we provide a simple instruction in admin panel)
* Share Videos! Your users can share YouTube and Vimeo videos, play them via flash player and all these things don't require any page reloads!
* Wall synchronization with Plugins. It is one of most requested feature and we're glad to present you flexible bridge between Wall and Photo Albums, Music, Video plugins(from SocialEngine). So all posted photos, music, videos are saved in appropriate plugin but Wall doesn't require them so users can share content even if you don't have these plugins.
* Privacy preferrences. Admin can allow users to set privacy for each post - everyone, only friends, within subnetwork, etc
* Email Notifications. Users can choose when they want to receive email notifications:
- when someone post to their wall
- when someone comment their post
- when someone like their post
* Wall integrated into Groups plugin! Now each group has own wall so group members can share and have fun within a group. Also all posted photos are added into Group Photo Album.
* Many other enhancements: - Wall(snippet code version) show activity of whole network instead of just friends
- Profile wall shows only owner's activity and everything which is posted to this wall
- Admin can permit/forbid user levels for using of Wall
- Posts and comments length are limited - up to 1000 characters. It shows "More" link if user has typed more than 300 characters
- Shared links are opened in new window
- Wall checks allowed space for music and photos which user can upload according to plugins' settings

Wall Plugin - Плагин Стена (Что Нового) с Видео

Wall Plugin - Плагин Стена (Что Нового) с Видео

Файлы- Files:

DownLoad SocialEngine Wall Plugin

Версия - Version: 3.22
Версия SE - Version SE: 3.18+

English Version RAR: he_wall_322.rar [80,16 Kb] (cкачиваний: 734)

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