phpFox News Feed

News Feed plugin, a RSS Feed Reader, empowers phpFox sites to auto stream popular and latest news from other sites to phpFox sites. This plugin allows users to avoid manually inspecting all of the websites they are interested in, and instead subscribe to websites such that all news content is pushed onto their phpFox sites when it becomes available. Also, news content can be updated automatically at a specific time by setting the schedule.

- Allow users to add news
- Allow users to manage their created news
- Allow users to add feeds
- Allow users to add feed links
- Allow users to manage their created feeds
- Approved / Unapproved option for news, news links, feed links by admin. Notification emails will be sent to users
- Add tags automatically by generating from the title. Build tag cloud for landing pages

Key Features
- Multiple news per category
- Display and search news by category.
- Synchronize news feed with language: Choose any or a particular language. If a feeds is for a particular language, only users who are using that language can see that news.
- Number of news items to import per feed
- User-friendly URL for news and categories
- Open news detail within website: entire news content is displayed on popup. Feature can be configured from the Admin Control Panel: when user selects a news link to view news detail, if the “View News Detail on Popup” option is set, instead of opening another window, an iFrame is created and target website is placed onto the frame.

Front – End
- Add / Edit / Delete / Browse feeds
- Get feed data
- Add / Edit / Delete news
- Bookmark favorite news

- Most Commented News (show comment counts)
- Tops News (show view counts)
- Recent News
- Favorite News (show favorite numbers)
- Featured News

Back – End

Featured News Management
- View / Edit / Delete/ Search featured news
- Search filters: keyword, feed name
- Feature / Un-featured news

News Management
- List / View / Edit / Delete / Feature/ Search news
- Approve pending news
- News added by admin (in AdminCP) will be automatically approved

Feeds Management
- List / View / Edit / Delete / Search / Activate / Deactivate feeds
- Get feed data
- Set feed orders
- Approve pending feeds
- Set amount of items per feed when importing
- Add a new feed: feeds added by admin (in AdminCP) will be automatically approved

Categories Management
- Add a new category
- Active / Deactivate categories
- Arrange categories order

Global Settings Management
- Number of feeds display on homepage
- Number of news display on Top News
- Number of news display on Recent News
- Number of news display on Featured News
- Number of news display on Most Commented
- Number of news display on Favorite News
- Set days to auto delete news older
- View news item detail on popup
- Enable friendly URL
- Add random featured news
- Download news images to your server

User Group Settings Management
- Option to have news / feeds to be approved automatically for each user group

Supported RSS and Atom versions:
- RSS 0.90
- RSS 0.91
- RSS 0.92
- RSS 1.0
- RSS 2.0
- Atom 0.3
- Atom 1.0
- Dublin Core 1.0
- Dublin Core 1.1
- GeoRSS
- iTunes RSS 1.0
- Media RSS 1.1.1
- RSS 1.0 Content Module
- W3C WGS84 Basic Geo
- XML 1.0
- XHTML 1.0

Файлы - Files:

Скачать phpFox 3 News Feed / DownLoad phpFox 3 News Feed

Версия - Version: 3.01
Версия PF - Version PF: 3+

English Version ZIP: Скачать / Download


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