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Использование редактора шаблонов

Дизайн вашей социальной сети является очень важной частью всего проекта. Редактор шаблонов в SocialEngine 4 позволяет с легкостью создать неповторимый дизайн. Тем не менее, возникает много вопросов о том, как это можно сделать, поэтому была написана статья. Мы надеемся, что это немного поможет!

Использование редактора шаблонов (Английский Язык)
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Adding your site header/footer

We know it's absolutely imperative that you have 100% freedom when it comes to giving your SocialEngine-powered site it's own unique layout. Editing your site's global header/footer content is the best starting point, since this HTML appears at the top and bottom of every page. This allows you to wrap the interface and content generated by SocialEngine in your own layout. We've carefully designed our Layout Editor in SE4 to help you achieve this easily. There are several ways to go about it; I'll outline some suggested methods here.
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Tutorial: Adding your header/footer


We know that giving your community a unique look is an absolute priority. We built the Layout Editor in SocialEngine 4 to make this easy. Still, we're getting a lot of questions about how this can be done, so we wrote a tutorial to help guide anyone with questions about it. I hope this helps a bit! We'll continue to find ways to help you make your social network stand out from the cookie-cutter crowd out there.

If you guys have questions about this, feel free to comment and help each other out! John and I are now going to turn our attention to developing the payment/subscription features in SE 4.1.

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