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Phpfox Интеграция с vBulletin

Phpfox Интеграция с vBulletin

Теперь у вас появилась возможность интегрировать форум vBulletin 3 или 4 версии в Phpfox 2.

New Features 1.2:
New Threads block in homepage
Synchronized avatar between phpFox and vBulletin
Integrated with phpfox activity points
Private forum features
All bugs fixed

New Features 1.1.1:
Now support vBulletin 3
Improved performance
Fix bugs

Sync forum from phpfox to vbulletin
Sync users from phpfox to vbulletin
Support change username / email / password
Integrated log in / log out
Integrated header / footer
Integrated with phpfox activity feed
Integrated with like button, notification
Included profile, private messages, member browse redirect

Файлы - Files:

Скачать Phpfox vBulletin Integration Plugin / DownLoad Phpfox vBulletin Integration Plugin

Версия - Version: 2
Версия PF - Version PF: 2.0.*

English Version RAR: Скачать / Download


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