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Membership billing coming - feedback wanted!


We are finally drafting plans for the upcoming membership billing system. We know how long everyone's been waiting for this feature, so the team will be working overtime to get it into the 4.1 update. This will follow the upcoming 4.05 update that will be released soon.

Right now, what we would like is some ideas from all of you about what features are absolutely crucial for the membership billing system. The overall goal is to have the ability to "charge users for membership," but what further ideas do you guys have? What settings would you like to see built-in? While I definitely can't guarantee that we'll get all your ideas in, we would like to see them before we jump into the code. The plan is to get the absolute essentials in for 4.1 and improve it further in subsequent updates so that we can satisfy as many of your ideas and community models as possible.

So what do you think?


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